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Shawn Prontack
We picked Magnetic Web Solution, after a long search, as our web designer.
A very good choice, we feel.
Right from the start, they brought many sound, practical ideas to redesigning our site to make it more effective. On top of that, they presented very many thoughts about other options that have not even occurred to us at all. Some we adopted right away. But some of the others we have on hold, "in the bank" so to say, to be put place in the future, as needed.

Another big plus: Magnetic Web Solution prides itself on client-control of its own website. They work very hard to de-mystify the in's and outs of maintaining controls in the client's hands.

Along these lines, Magnetic Web Solution includes trainer sessions for the client to learn to revise and update the website from home or office. Magnetic Web Solution is very generous with their time in this important process. But, at the same time, the firm stands ready to assist in any way to help on revisions, to add new features, as needed. In short, we are very fortunate with our choice of Magnetic Web Solution.
Francis Xavier
"This is our first website and we were expecting website which show a nice corporate value to our clients. We come to know about Magnetic Web Solution via a business website and the work of eMagnetic Web Solution attracted us. Finally the success of the web site has been beyond our expectations.

We receive complements daily from people who visit our site. We could not have thought for a better design than we got from Magnetic Web Solution.
Thanks Magnetic Web Solution."
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